mmmcheezy replied to your photoset:can’t tell if mourning or sharting

I don’t understand why he must choose between one action or another. After all, multitasking was a selling point of TS4. :P

well technically if you’re sharting you’re already multitasking

it’s also one of those brief moments in life where absolutely nothing else matters except getting confirmation, so i would understand if mourning his sister wasn’t his top priority right then

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This is what I was talking about in the previous post. I’m guessing the solution would be to place the separate roof parts like in the 2nd picture, but in that case the pieces won’t align (WHY?!). The last picture is the view of the second floor after countless experiments - somehow I managed to make the right half of the roof disappear  (I have no idea, how I achieved this.. it was a lucky accident I guess). The left half however stays like that, no matter how I place the freaking roof pieces.

I hope someone writes a tutorial on this soon!

yo! i can help you out. check it:

after your attic fucks up the roof walls, go up one level and put a gabled roof right on top of it. if it’s the exact same pitch, it goes in seamlessly, and patches the hole right up.


can’t help you with the camera mess though, ts4’s pretty shit when it comes to being able to view attics. it’s walls down or nothin’ at all, basically.

Thanks! Yep, I think this is what I unconsciously did with the right half of the roof :D 

…so you think that the left half of the roof not disappearing is a camera problem and not a roof problem? Because I’ve tried your solution and didn’t work on the left half, it stays that way no matter what. I don’t get it.

nope, it’s just fundamental bustedness with how ts4 handles viewing attics. it’s just not feasible to play or decorate them at all with walls up or at cutaway view. the left half of the roof will cutaway if you add dormers—similarly, the right half of the roof will refuse to cutaway if you remove the dormers. it’s some bullshit.

there is legit nothing to be done about it unless they make it functional in a later patch. until then, it’s walls down or nothin’.

but at least the roof walls can be patched up! it’s something at least.

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unconstrainedcreations said:Can I watch? I don’t drink tea but if you have any scones I’d love one

yes but expect someone from my family to wander by at some point and say something like


which we’ll be like “god mom dont be so american” but we were all thinking it anyway

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